Production process

◆ Liquid Mix:

Liquid Mix, as an advanced technology, is based on fresh milk collected from the pasture as raw materials, pumps out overmuch fat and other ingredients. In the liquid state, the necessary nutrients are fully dissolved, and it need go through spray drying and sealed in cans after repeated homogenization. From milk to formula milk powder, it only needs 24 hours at one go. This mode of production causes high cost, but pays more attention to product quality.

◆ Dry Mix:

The so-called dry mixing integrates the dried milk powder with the necessary nutrients and then seals cans, but the question that whether the nutrition can be completely and evenly distributed is worth testing. If the daily intake of essential nutrients per meal is not balanced, the baby will have an impact on health, after all, the baby's growth and development cannot be repeated.


The differences between the manufacturing processes of Liquid Mix and Dry Mix

◆Manufacturing process

  • Liquid Mix
  • Dry Mix
  • Microbial infection
  • Slim chance
  • Spray granulation for many times is equal to be repeatedly exposed to air, which is vulnerable to pollution.
  • Balanced nutrients
  • In the state of fresh milk, at first, confect and dissolve a variety of nutrients; and then in the state of liquid, it's formed by the spray drying.
  • Various nutrients are all in the form of powder. And then mix them with the deposited raw material milk powder, but it's difficult to mix them evenly, such as lactose.
  • Spray granulation
  • A single spray granulation is needed sufficiently, which makes the nutriments easy to be kept, and prevents the fat from oxidation.
  • Several spray granulations are needed, which makes the nutrients hard to be kept, and makes vitamin easy to be destroyed.

◆ Taste and feature

  • Liquid Mix
  • Dry Mix
  • Balanced nutrition
  • Nutrients are balanced distributed in every drop of milk, making the nutrients balanced.
  • The nutrients' precipitation is easy to happen in the storing process, which makes the nutrition uneven after brewing.
  • Taste
  • Directly collect the fresh milk from pasture and confect it to milk powder within 24 hours, which can keep the natural frankincense as well as the fresh and intense taste.
  • The long storage period can cause the loss of frankincense smell, leading to poor taste thereby.




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